Maitre D'

Maitre D’ is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bot that was designed by Bot Logic Labs, Inc. and developed to perform customer acquisition, customer management, and social media functions for restaurant owners and managers.

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About Us

Bot Logic Labs, Inc., (BOTZ) is a digital marketing and content development company that specializes in both fixed price and performance-based marketing projects.  BOTZ manages a database of over 390 million records, including twenty million businesses.  We process over six million outbound emails and one million social media posts, daily.


At just $299 per month, Maitre D’ offers the robust set of features you see, below, that expertly manage the demands of the R&B.

Features Include:

  • Online Menu API


  • Event Manager




  • Private Email server


  • Social Media Manager

Manages all Social                Media accounts in one UI


  • Online Payment Gateway


  • Unlimited Shout Outs


  • Coupon/Specials Generator and Manager

  • 2-Discord Bots


  • Newsletter Designer


  • CRM


  • Newsletter List Server


  • Real Time Reporting



Bot Logic Labs, Inc. would like to offer the restaurant industry a 30-day complimentary trial of Maitre D’ so you can see, firsthand, how our technology will help your business get back on track during these challenging times.  Coupled with our team’s dedication to your success, we will assist you with the digital growth of your business as you move forward into the post-COVID era. 

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Why Maitre D'


With the catastrophic outbreak of COVID 19, it became apparent that the restaurant and bar (R&B) industry would forever be changed by the pandemic.  Now more than ever, the industry needs to develop new strategies to survive and regain profitability, while evolving to better reflect the needs of its customers.  Prior to the outbreak, take-out orders made up approximately 5% of sales, delivery comprised roughly 40%, and the balance was in-house dining.  With the shutdowns across the US, coupled with even slower re-openings, take-out and delivery now comprises almost 90% of total sales.  If the industry was flawed before, the pandemic has only exacerbated the cracks in its foundation.

In the best of times, R&B’s operate on razor thin margins, which is why we quickly understood that within these new strategies, performance-based campaigns are too costly for R&B’s to turn a profit and fixed campaigns are the best option for them to grow.

Unfortunately, R&B’s reliance upon performance-based 3rd party vendors such as Grubhub and DoorDash has crippled the industry, as these vendors charge the R&B as much as 40%.  Between operation costs, delivery charges, and taxes on their services, the R&B cannot stay afloat.  To add insult to injury, these same 3rd party vendors control the customer data, therefore further hurting the R&B by limiting any direct marketing the R&B desperately needs access to in order to grow their business. Currently, most brand loyalty goes to services like Grubhub and DoorDash instead of the R&B.  Because of this, it is impossible for R&B’s to effectively forecast revenue, accurately calculate hard costs, and efficiently price menu items with a performance-based marketing platform.  R&B’s are operating at a negative margin and constantly playing catchup to cover expenses, which is not a sustainable model for them.


With Maitre D’ (,  we give the R&Bs control of their customer data.  Our Bots aggregate existing information from 3rd party vendors like Grubhub and DoorDash to populate the R&B’s customer database, while building a system that captures and manages new customer information.

With Maitre D’, R&B’s can import old customer lists, as well as upload new leads, and link all social media accounts into one simple user interface.  Gone are the days of needing to have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter open at the same time just to send out a simple cross platform message.  With Maitre D’ you can send a message to one or all your platforms in a single window, saving the R&B time and money.  In today’s day and age of advanced technology, it is no longer frowned upon to email customers marketing information since customers want to feel connected to the R&B families they support.

Maitre D’ is built on a 20-point data accumulation system.  Its proprietary technology takes a single piece of information such as a name, address, email, or phone number, and in real-time searches the web, social media, open-source databases, and publicly available information.  It then compiles a digital profile about the customer, going one step further with data such as occupation, relationship status, birthday, and family information.  This customer information is priceless and becomes the bedrock for growth and success for the new and improved post Covid R&B industry.  Maitre D’s action Bots send customers event driven messages like “Happy Birthday!” or “Congratulations on your new job!” 


Maitre D’ does the work of an entire marketing staff while streamlining your job as an owner/operator. 

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